Year of the Black Sky

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Legends of the first millennium: Year of the Black Sky
In the Beginning of the First Millennium the 9 Races made by the heavenly father had a good life.

The Begining

Because I was the first, the father of all visited me regular. Those days I was still young, and Like I had promised I visited the youngest of all very regular. I teached tkem how to take care for the forest, and in return the forest spend them wood. When they noticed it floated in the sea, they soon started to build ships. After all they had a strong gift, for discovering Hagron, and the sea was the biggest boundary to discover strange new places. Then Elves and Humans where very friendly to each other. After all, they where almost the same, the only difference where the ears, but they never noticed. After years of peace, Vorkack and his companions came to Hagron. And the first the saw was Iankul Dawn Tracker, and Vorkack showed him his big pointy ears, was it not a shame, the father gave them such ridiculous ears, while the humans where blessed with such nice rounded ears. This way he started to plant jealousy in the hearts of the Elves. And he start to teach Iankul the darkest magic of all. And Iankul started talking to the other Elves.

The first Murder

Iankul Dawn Tracker and Gilbert Van Stronghaven where actualy very good friends. They where tracking in the woods and they made plans to marie eachothers sister. But Vorkack's seed was already planted in the head of Iankul heart. After a day of running through the woods the two where at Ghoulmore River in those days the Yade Forest was not dead and made of yade. But very alive. When the friends where taking water, Iankul saw his friends and his ears in the water. It was then when he noticed they where not the same. No Gilbert wood not marie his sister. And with the first dark magick he killed his friend.

The everlasting War

Soon the word was out an Elf killed one of the youngest. The favorite race of the heavenly father! Therefor the other 8 came together, this evil could not let unpunished. And the war against the Elves started. But they where powerful. They where armed with dark magic, and Vorlack corrupted them. There hearts where black, en they became cruel and evil. Iankul start building the fortress and called it the Dungeon of Pazou, a place corrupted by Evil, and the forest around it became touched by his greed, and changed in Yade his most wanted posesion. But because of that alle life went out of the forest ens turned into stone.

And the sky turned black

At the time I write this, my good friend and father of us all, became aware of the murder and the wars that came to Hagron. And he saw what the Elves became, so he banned them from the other races! And the 9 became 8. The Elves are lost vor ever. But we are also not free of blame, so he told us we would not find peace for thousand of years. Until we found a new 9'th rase and the world can heal. The Elves who became scared and notised what they have done, went to There Castle and askt Vorlack for shelter. That day the grounds shaked, and the sky became black, and the darkness lasted for a year, when the sun found his way through the smoke and the smell.

Tiku Waku

It was the rage of the father, that made the beautiful vulcano Tiku Waku explode, and turn the sky black. The result of that was that the once proud mountain fall apart into the Island Tiku Waku and the rest of the volcano is part of the center. This made the island travel more to the north. And became the only point where you can see and watch over There Castle. A task that will be done by the Shadowwraith for thousand of years.

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