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| Windrider={{WindriderInfo}};
| Windrider={{WindriderInfo}};
| Wirdstep= {{WirdstepInfo}};
| Wirdstep= {{WirdstepInfo}};
| ShadowWraids= {{ShadowWraithsInfo}};
| Shadowwraith= {{ShadowWraithsInfo}};
| {{FoeInfo}};
| {{FoeInfo}};

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Habitat Name


Foe Information
Racial Shield File:Foe.png
Origin Vorkack's Creature
Racial Skill Unknown Skill
Short info
Habitat Of: Race
Type of Land: Landtype

Land Marks
Place your landmarks here seperated by comma

Enter your information here!

Last revision on 16/09/2019 By Linda


The NPC template was made for entering NPC data and Biography at the Fallen Gods Wiki. The template keeps track of the Racial color, and the Gender for entering basic parts. The

original design was made by Linda


The use of this template is kept easy on purpose. It is just giving a value to the variables. The colors come from the race, so you don't have much work on it. Here is how your use it to create a user page.

| name=Name of the Habitat
|race=Race that has his habitat here
|landtype=Type of land Example (Vulcanic, Forest, Mountains etc)
|landmarks=Special places in the Habitat. Cities, Villages, POI etc
|Information=The information about the habitat