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Windriders Racial Info
Racial Shield Windrider.png
Capitol Silver Unicorn Gate
Habitat Wintershore
Racial Skill Unicorn Binding
Short info
The 9'th race. The windriders are not created by the supreme father but are a mixed race. Hidden by the Supreme father for 1000'ds of years. He gave them the Southern Unicorn as companions.
Shadowhoof is the Unicorn and best friend of Brea

Special Skills
Extremely loyal to Brea, Uses extreem speed

Some people say that Shadowhoof was even attracted to Brea when still in the womb. When the foul was able to stand up, there was no way to stop him. He broke out and started following his instincts and found Brea, a Baby Windrider born at the same moment in time as he was. They bonded the same day and the never were separated after that.

When woolfs attack the young stallion at 4 years of age, he was the direct reason Brea had her first perfect transformation, saving him and herself. At 14 Brea start to practice Lightbending and discovered how it was possible to hide his horn by bending the light around it. This technique she used often when both where send out to discoverer Hagron.

At age 25, Shadowhoof found his lifetime partner in Snowstep, an unbound mare because her Windrider innocently was executed by the rulers of Silver Unicorn Gate. After the formation of the Companions, when it was only Fhaerris and Brea, Snowstep decided to bond with Fhaerris and follow her love into the adventures to come.

The speed of Shadowhoof is extreme, except the Silver Unicorn we all know of was not a real unicorn, none of the creatures in Hagron where ever faster than Shadowhoof. When at high speed he is so fast that his hoofs makes fire sparks come out of the ground.

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