Servants of Vorkack

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After the banning of the 12 to Hagron and the corruption on the Elves, Vorkack wanted some followers of his own. That was how he started experimenting, with make races of his own. Personal slaves with absolute loyability. Ad the start, he was experimenting on the children of the Almighty father. But after a long time he manages to make his own creations, however all his creations turned out monsters. And most of them where very aggressive.

Look Race Function Description
File:Elves.png Elves Leaders and Soldiers The Elves where not created by Vorkack, but he corrupted them, and made them his most loyal followers. They where given powerful magic in return. And became aggressive and very sadistic. In the process of corrupting them they lost all bindings with there creator. Originally they where one of the races of Hagron. But after failing his tests the Almighty father took away there status of one of Hagrons nine. So nobody count the Elves one of the reces created by the Supreme father. After he took there status, he told the new 9'th race was one made by all his children. But they where hidden until the prophecy was fulfilled.
File:Ceannmeur.png ceannmeur Powerfull Trackers When Vorkack started experimenting, for creating races of his own. He knew the story about Old Twine, and that he was made by mistake. But he also knew that Old Twine was the favorite, and wel loved by his father. Therefor he start experimenting on the twigs. And that is how the Ceannmeur saw the light of day. For the first 500 years he never considered them of any use in his dark plans. Intil he discovered, there big ears, the 4 eyes end 2 noses made them very skilful trackers.They are few in numbers, but they live very long and are very dificuld to kill.