Races of Hagron

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Shield Race City or region Description
Twig.png Twigs Darkwood Forest The first race, created from twigs. Made up out of wood.

Most known Twig is Cinder Birchburn, member of The Companions.

Wirdstep.png Wirdstep Withered Land Fhaerris’ race. They are rather sensitive to remarks about their tails, which they are very proud of.

Most known Wirdstep is Fhaerris Falcon Flight, the leader of The Companions.

Windrider.png Windriders Wintershore The fabled 9th race. Created from mixing all other races. They live together with the Southern Unicorn in a symbiotic relation.

Most known Windrider is Brea Woolfhowl, de only person in Hagron with a perfect Shapeshift. Best friend of Fhaerris and first member of The Companions.

Chigat.png Chigat Nula Mountains Race of giants and the followers of Rhisayust. They are very peace loving.

Most known Chigat is Beer Strong Hammer. He brought the children to Rhisayust. He is very loyal to Rhisayust and becomes the protector of her ways when she rejoins the Supreme Father. As it was the wish of Rhisayust, he joined The Companions.

Human.png Humans Stronghold Harbour Through their thirst for adventure and discovering they are the most spread out race. They are also the youngest race. Old Twine had a hand in their birth.

Most known Human is Angelique Schipper, the only one who stood eye in eye with Vorckack. She’s also a member of The Companions.

Nekorian.png Nekorians Ravenwood Forest They were created by the Supreme Father to be the protectors of the youngest race. They’re catlike beings and a bit coy. But they stand with the Humans no matter what they face. Where ever you find humans, you find Nekorians.

Most known Nekorian is Mytran Skyjumper, protector and loyal friend of Angelique. Thanks to Angelique he became a member of The Companions.

Crystaline.png Cristalines Plates of Barad The Cristalines are, like the Twigs, one of the oldest of the races of Hagron. This can be seen from their stone-like appearance that reassembles the planet. Where the first race was created by mistake, The Cristalines were purposefully made from the stone and dust of Hagron. Since ancient times the Twigs and the Cristalines have been allies.However, unlike the Twigs, the Cristalines have good trade connections with the Wirdstep.

Most known Cristaline is Hysta Stonerock. She plays a key role in the fall of Vorkack’s Wall. At first she was just an advisor to The Companions, but later she became a full member.

ShadowWraith.png Shadow Wraiths Tiku Waku Shadow Wraiths, or Wraiths for short, were created by the Almighty Father to keep an eye on Tere Castle from the island of Tiku Waku. These creatures are made of shadowy vapor that could be mistaken as a shadow if they wearn't wearing armor. The best known Wraith is Nish'gaar Shadeblade. He helped Angelique after she escaped from Tere Castle and later joined The Companions as emmissary of the Shadow Wraiths.
Giantfairy.png Giantfairies Sunburn City The Giantfairies are among the oldest races of Hagron. Beeing an all-female race, the reproduction is different. Giantfairies can only reproduce if the bond of love between 2 is very strong. As their name implies, they are giant fairies. Slightly smaller than humans, but compared to their normal cousins they are giants. As said, they need the other races to reproduce, but they tend to find a bond with the other before they can. The best known Giantfairies are Dina Lightwing and her soulmate Aya Starfeather. Dina joined The Companions after receiving help from Fhaerris and Brea. Aya didn't become a member but she goes wherever Dina goes.