Fhaerris Falcon Flight

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Fhaerris Falcon Flight

Fhaerris Falcon Flight.png

Wirdstep Racial Info
Racial Shield Wirdstep.png
Capitol Farmers Hill
Habitat Withered Lands
Racial Skill Tail Controle
Short info
The Wirdstep is a race that is also known as the farmers of Hagron. Never make a bad remark about their tail, because that was the reason for the 500-year war with the twigs!
Fhearris is leader of the Companions

Special Skills
Binding power of The Companions, Exellent leader

Where the story of the Wirdstep begins, nobody knows for sure. What people know about them is, that they are one of the old races of Hagron. Most people also know is that it is better not to make Remarks about there tails! Because that is how the 500 year old war between the Wirdstep and the Twigs started. This is the story about Fhaerris Falcon Flight, and how she became the most famous of the Wirdstep.


Fhaerris was the second child of Crann-Talmhainn Falcon Flight and Duilleag-ròs Land Walker

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