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Where the legend begins
It is told that the twelve came from Lormont, where they and the other gods watched the 8 races of Hagron. Those days there was peace in Hagron, the children of the god lived in a world of abundance and life was good in Hagron. The 8 races worked the land, worked in the mines, baked bread and were always together. But most of all, the love between them was a lot bigger then friendships. Many of them fell in love, and they had marriages between the races. Their mortality was seen as a gift of the Supreme Father, because they had no time to get bored. Over a millennium the twelve looked down at Hagron, but the jealousy was growing. It was Vorkack who broke the prohibition of the Supreme Father, and was the first to set foot in Hagron. The legend tells that Vorkack first appeared to Iankul Dawn Tracker, an ordinary blacksmith who would later become known as Iankul the Wizard. In those times Elves did not live longer than men, as is the case now. Vorkack gave the offspring of Iankul the gift of long life, and gave them the command to study magic. It was also Vorkack who persuaded the other 11 to break their long boredom by playing the 8 races, and to set them against each other. Then came the first war to Hagron, it soon turned in favor of the Elves where Iankul crowned himself as the first Elven King.

It was in those days that the 8 races started to see racial purity as the most precious of things. And because of that narrow minded behavior, nobody wanted to see the beauty of the interracial children. And because of that genocide soon followed. One of the interracial children, Belendithas Hawklight, prayed, not for himself, but for all the interracial children. The Supreme Father heard his prayer and took up the identity of the Silver Unicorn. He asked Belendithas to collect all those children. He also told that there were now not 8 but 9 races in Hagron and that the 9th race was the only race not made by him. He gave to them the Southern Unicorns with whom they formed a psychological bond . Because those unicorns were able to move faster than the wind, they were soon called the Windriders. The Silver Unicorn guided them to Wintershore, and hid them from the other 8 races until the legends became true.

Soon the Supreme Father noticed that many of his children died, and the rivers in Hagron were stained red with blood. How could this be?, he wondered. He never gave the 8 races the gift of jealousy, the lust for war. It was then that he saw that the twelve regularly traveled between Lormont and Hagron. He became furious, and banned the twelve from Lormont . They were exiled to Hagron. But never would the twelve act together anymore, because the Supreme Father created rivalry and strife in their minds.

But the Supreme Father did not leave his other children unpunished! Indeed, they had listened to the twelve and had blindly accepted what they were given. The 8 races had to overcome their hatred and jealousy. That would be the only way to end their oppression by the twelve. The once beautiful Hagron was a world of war and destruction, but the Supreme Father knew there would come a time that the 9 races would come together. And the 9’th race would jump in and help their forefathers, no matter how much they were wronged in the past. They were untouched by war, and were growing for millennia. They knew about the prophecy, one time a hero would find the path to Wintershore, and ask for their help.

Once one war stopped between the 8, just to be followed by another one, and another after that. That went on and on. There was never peace in Hagron, war had become the way of life, and that remained for millennia.

After 5 millennia, some of the races began to understand that only together they can improve their lot. It is in this period that Fhaerris Falcon Flight also known as Fhaerris the Savior starts her quest. She will reunite the 9 races, but there was one problem. Only 8 races where known. How is it possible that the prophecy tells of 9 races? Nobody knew where to look for the 9’th race. But one day, when Fhaerris crossed the Jade Forest,which was something that had never been done before. It was then she discovered the small passage to Wintershore. Now it was clear to her, it was not a man who was the great hero of the prophecy. It was she, a small Wirdstep farmer’s daughter from the Withered Lands, who will bring together all 9 races of Hagron. Together with her friend, Brea Woolfhowl, and her white Unicorn Shadowhoof, she start to rebuild relations between the races. Her voice is heard throughout Hagron. Many follow her and unite themselves in small groups as one behind her. We live in turbulent times, but it's Fhaerris Falcon Flight, the Savior who shows us the path. We need to be strong and need fight the twelve together. We want you to join our ranks, we want you to spread the words and fight your many battles. Here we are, and the time is now, and we cannot forget that.

Here begin the stories of the fallen gods!

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