Dina Lightwing

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Dina Lightwing
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Giantfairies Racial Info
Racial Shield
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Capitol Sunburn City
Habitat Sunlake Gardens
Racial Skill Plant Telepathy
Short info
A female only race created by the almighty father to take care of nature. The race with the longest lifespan in Hagron. The average life of a Giantfairie is about 1000 years, but some can become 1500 years.
Dina is a member of the companions

Special Skills
Very friendly, Smooth talker, powerfull Airbender

About the past of Dina Lightwing is very little known. Except the part that she met her best friend and lover for life, Aya Starfeather, at the young age of 85 years. For us humans this looks like a lifetime, but when you know the average age of a Gaintfairy is 400 years, they both where very young indeed. We all know Giantfairies are very sexual active creatures, and our two girls are not different. But the bond they have is very deep.

When Aya became very ill after drinking the poisoned water of Verdant Labyrinth, Dina became so overwhelmed with sadness, she almost died herself. But with the last bit of life, she managed to reach the edge of Darkwood Forest. Just on the moment Fhaerris and Brea where on the way to Goldleaf Haven. The crying made Fhaeris weak, and they used the windspeed of Shadowhoof to get to Sunburn City just in time to heal Aya. Soon Aya became healty, and Dina gained her health also. Both girls took Brea and Fhaerris in there bed for a few days of passionate relaxation.

It was in those two days that Dina desided to join the Companions, and when Dina joins, Aya follows. Because of this, Dina was one of the first Companions right after Fhaeris and Brea, now the Companions were 3, and one that followed out of love for her girlfriend.

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