Cinder Birchburn

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Cinder Birchburn


Twigs Racial Info
Racial Shield Twig.png
Capitol Goldleaf Haven
Habitat Darkwood Forest
Racial Skill Shapeshifting
Short info
Oldest race in Hagron. Writers of Legends of the first millennium. Keepers of the mother trees!
Cinder is part of the Companions

Special Skills
Doesn't quit after failing once, pushes himself and others to reach full potential.

Birth and early life
25 years ago, in a village in the Southeastern part of Darkwood Forest a young Twig was born and was given the name Arctus Woodworth. Arctus however never liked his name and truth be told, he never saw eye to eye with his parents. Most of his younger years he spent out in the forest surrounding the village. For some reason he could easily maneuver through the forest, as if the trees talk to him and guide him.
From a very young age, Arctus was fascinated by fire and so he secretly started to study in Fire magic. He started out with some small and easy spells and he mastered those pretty fast. And as it came he became too proud of himself and grew overconfident. One day he had a serious argument with his parents and ran off to the forest again to one of his secret hideouts. He had stashed away books on Fire magic in all of his hideouts so he could always learn more. But this time his anger and overconfidence caused him to try out an advanced spell that he could not handle. This accident left a large part of his left arm burned as well as a small spot on the left side of his face.
Of course thanks to the small explosion his hideout was discovered and his parents seriously punished him. It was at that moment that Arctus left behind his old life as well as his name. As he was born as one of the Mother Birch, he chose the name Birchburn as his new last name. And since after his burn he still was fascinated by fire he chose his new first name from that fascination, Cinder. And so Cinder Birchburn left his village behind at the age of 13.

Tracker Birchburn
He made his way to Goldleaf Haven where Cinder chose to join the Trackers, the defenders of Darkwood Forest. Eight years passed and Cinder had quickly made a name for himself within the Trackers thanks to his ability to ‘talk’ to the forest as well as his ability with the bow and spear. A request came for aid of the Trackers from Cinder’s old home village and Cinder was dispatched along with two of his colleagues. But what they found when they arrived was anything but pretty. The entire village was burning and all the villagers lay slain. The Trackers sought what had killed the villagers and burned down the village. About a day’s march from the village they found minions from the Temple of Elemental Evil. Cinder, who still learned more Fire magic but now applied it in his fighting style with bow and spear, was enraged by what had happened to his village and slaughtered all the evil minions with his Flame style.

A destined meeting
Three years after the entire incident that was later called ‘Shadowcleft Burndown’ Cinder, now just turned 25, was called back to Goldleaf Haven for protection on a special meeting that was about to happen. It was in this meeting that he met Brea Woolfhowl and Fhaerris Falconflight, along with Dina Lightwing (who called themselves the Companions) and her friend Aya Starfeather.
Cinder, who never trusted any outsider, found that these outsiders were good of heart, but he knew that the other Twigs would not so easily accept them. The other Twigs at the meeting were mumbling about it all so Cinder had but one choice, he had to send them on a quest in order for the other Twigs to accept the idea of an alliance. But he had to do it so that neither the other Twigs or the Companions would see that he believed their words. And so he spoke: “Thou ask us to form an alliance, but how can we be sure that this is not a trap?”. The other Twigs mumbled their agreement. Cinder resumed: “If thou truly wish for us to join an alliance, then I’m sure that thou wouldn’t mind doing something for us instead.” Brea and Fhearris looked at each other and over to Dina and Aya and asked what this task would be, the other Twigs now also looking at Cinder. “To the South lies the Temple of Elemental Evil. There are reports of Twigs that have been kidnapped by the minions from the Temple. All we ask is that thou gather information on what happened with those Twigs and if possible to free them. As this concerns the Twigs, I too shall accompany thee.”

Leaving with the Companions
And thus Brea, Fhaerris, Dina, Aya and Cinder set out towards the Temple. When they arrived they had to capture a General in order for Brea to get inside. Cinder used his combat prowess to lure out the minions of the Temple and take them out until the General finally joined his minions’ battle. The Companions quickly knocked him out whilst Cinder started a distraction plan so that Brea would not be bothered when she was inside.
When she had returned, all three escaped from the Temple. At a safe distance from the Temple they stopped and Brea told what she had discovered, which hurt Cinder a lot to hear. His comrades and friends were corrupted by the evil power of the God king Vorkack. He pledged himself as ally to the Companions and said that this info would surely bring together all the races and chose to travel along with Fhaerris, Brea, Dina and Aya.

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