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Legends of the first millennium: Year of the Black Sky
Legends of the First Millennium, is an iconic book written by Twine Goldleaf also known as Old Twine. The book tells us about the creation of Hagron, and the life in the first 1000 years of Hagron.

The Original

We don't have the original book, that is in good care of The book keepers in Goldleaf Haven, but we consulted it on regular basis. And we try to make a good representation of the book here! We will consult the original book regular, to complete our own information and the understanding of the old times.

About the book

The book was written at the end of the first Millennium by Old Twine, at the end of his life. Because he was the first, he had a special relationship with the heavenly father. At age 983 it was time for him to leave Hagron. Because the heavenly father was such a good friend of him, and wood mis him to much. He took Old Twine with him to Lormont. Most Twigs believe he still lives there for ever. After his dead, his daughter and founder of Goldleaf Haven and her son wrote the last 200 pages. Telling about what happened after his dead.

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