Brea Woolfhowl

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Brea Woolfhowl


Windriders Racial Info
Racial Shield Windrider.png
Capitol Silver Unicorn Gate
Habitat Wintershore
Racial Skill Unicorn Binding
Short info
The 9'th race. The windriders are not created by the supreme father but are a mixed race. Hidden by the Supreme father for 1000'ds of years. He gave them the Southern Unicorn as companions.
Brea is part of the Companions

Special Skills
Is the only one who can do a perfect transformation, Has a deep bond with Shadowhoof

When you think about the prophecy, and living a life around it, we don’t think of Fhaerris but only one name comes in mind! That person is Brea Woolfhowl, even from her birth, the people of Silver Unicorn Gate knew she was special and that she was the Windrider they have been waiting for the last 4000 years. Needless to say, there is a lot to tell about Brea, because nothing in her life was private. She was always watched by the people who wanted change, and those who were scared for their positions.

Birth and childhood
Even the birth of Brea was not like usual for Windriders. Normally they bind with their unicorn at age 17. But like the prophecy foretold, this was not the case with Brea and Shadowhoof. Both Unicorn and Brea where born at the exact moment, and Shadowhoof what attracted to her from that moment. An hour after Shadowhoof's birth he broke out, and ran for over an hour following his feelings until he came at the house where baby Brea was born. The parents knew what was happening here, and they let him in and from that day on Brea and Shadowhoof where bound by the love they were feeling. News like that spread around fast, so the Windriders knew the prophecy was being fulfilled even in their own lifetime.

Brea was originally born Brea Strongwind, but at age 4 something happened what will change her name for ever. Nobody chooses a profession at that young age, but Brea never chose one, it was given to her as a gift. Her parents where on the way to Silver Unicorn Gate for trading their goods, and the young child was playing around following. Both she and the young foul Schadowhoof fell a little behind. It was in that year that the northern woolfs came to the land early, food was scarce that cold winter. The pack was attacking Brea and Shadowhoof, and it was too late for her parents and the friends traveling with them to get to the child in time. But then they were witnesses of something that was never seen in Hagron, with exception of the Almighty Father maybe? The 4 year old Brea turned herself in a woolf, and it was the first perfect transformation that ever happened in Hagron. Not only did she became the perfect woolf, but she also became bigger and stronger then the leader of the woolfpack. The howl she produced scared even the bravest woolf, so they just ran away. Many had seen how she saved herself and her beloved Shadowhoof, and from that day on she was known with her new name Brea Woolfhowl.

Teen years
Like all teenagers Brea was not always the nice girl someone expects from such a hero. No, she had her dark side too, and the tools to fulfil it! Sometimes people were missing small things, while others have seen them with it. Soon her father understood what was happening. Brea was mimicking people to steal small things she wanted for herself. Over the years her transformations became so perfect nobody noticed the difference. By then the family had moved to the city, and she and her friends where terrorising the streets. Until her father told her, the gifts she had where not to do bad things, but for helping the world and that the Silver Unicorn (this is how the Windriders name the Almighty Father) had many plans for her. And from that day on she and her friends where often seen helping the poor, the old and the sick.

Age 18 the rulers saw the fulfilling of the prophecy come closer. They were scared for their position in Silver Unicorn Gate and Wintershore. So she was asked to spy all over Hagron, the real reason was the hope she would be killed on one of her missions.

The Rulers of Silver Unicorn Gate and meeting Fhaerris

After doing some missions outside of Wintershore, Brea came back home. By then a strong women of 25, with a Unicorn much stronger than anybody had seen. Trained with skills to hide his horn, she had a free passage between Wintershore and the rest of Hagron. What the rulers where hoping for never happened, she was not even wounded during these years.

On her way home and deep in the Jade Forest she heard a cry for help, and she saw a young women attack by Jade Ghosts, maybe the most bad creatures Vorkack ever made. They were breaded from Shadowwraith that he turned to be very cruel and sadistic, and gave them the Jade Forest. But they were no match for the deception of Brea who first killed the leader, and took his place to send them away. That is when Fhaerris and Brea became the best of friends.

When they came in Silver Unicorn Gate, the rulers closed the city, and put a price on their head. But they were wrong since most people wanted change, and get rid of the corruption of the rulers. Most of the people in the city where friends of Brea, and they all plotted together towards the downfall of those corrupt leaders. (This part of her life will be playable in the prequel game, Rulers of Silver Unicorn Gate.)

After the fall of the old rulers Brea established one of her friends, Beorn Youngblood as king of Wintershore. And that was a very wise decision. The Youngblood’s ruled Wintershore for generations to come. And they all were well loved.

The Companions
When the city was free, Fhaerris told it was time to make an end of the wars. And Brea knew she was right. She seen a lot of the problems outside Wintershore. But they also knew, that doing it on their own was impossible. To free Hagron and find victory over the 12 there must be a group of people to lead them to victory. All of the 9 races had to have one representative in the group. And that is how the Companions were formed. They used the rest of the winter to make plans for the travel. And at the start of spring in the year 5027 After Creation, both left Silver Unicorn Gate to form the Companions. Both? Well not exactly true, Shadowhoof found a lovely Unicorn mare by the name of Snowstep. She was never bonded because her natural match was killed by the rulers. And she left with them, and so became Fhaerris the first and only person in Hagron who had the company of a Unicorn who was not a Windrider.

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