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Angelique Schipper


Humans Racial Info
Racial Shield Human.png
Capitol Stronghold Harbour
Habitat Ravenwood
Racial Skill Diplomacy
Short info
The Humans never had any long and outstanding wars. This is because of their short lifespans. But they are well known as defenders of the sea
Angelique is part of the Companions

Special Skills
Never Scared, Skillful Sea Navigator, Good Tactical skills

Who the parents of Angelique are, is a bit of a mystery. She never talks about them. One thing is for sure, she was orphaned at a very young age. Growing up in the streets of Stronghold Harbour, made her a very strong woman. When she became a teenager, she left the house of her aunt, after a fight. Because of her looks, her aunt wanted to sell her out into prostitution. It was then, young Angelique started her first job in the harbor, carry goods from the ships to the warehouses. It was captain Herwald who signed her on as a ships maid, where she soon showed her talent for navigation. One day the ship was caught in a storm, and they found a mysterious island, after packing the ship full of the riches, it was Angelique who managed to navigate the ship back home.

The Spirit of Kata
Her share in the treasure, and her dream of her own ship to discover the sea of Kata. She start building the Spirit of Kata when she turned 22. The ships builder Joha Triplet, shared her love for ships and the sea. And it was written in the stars, they fall in love. Even before the Spirit was completed Agelique gave birth to their first born Nebi. It took 5 more years to complete the ship, and the year before the first journey, the couple was blessed with Twins Nordy and Selena.
Sailing far North made them noticed by Vorkack, never before was a ship sailing so far. In the battle that followed Joha was killed and Angelique was captured and kept prisoned in the most scaring place in Hagron, Tere Castle. The children who where hiding in the ship, drifted away and they landed near Cear Amran. And they where wondering all the way to the Nula Mountains. They where saved by the Chigats who gave them to there goddess Rhisayust. The children will later play a big part in turning the goddess back and take her place back at the hand of the almighty father.

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