Aya Starfeather

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Aya Starfeather
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Giantfairies Racial Info
Racial Shield
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Capitol Sunburn City
Habitat Sunlake Gardens
Racial Skill Plant Telepathy
Short info
A female only race created by the almighty father to take care of nature. The race with the longest lifespan in Hagron. The average life of a Giantfairie is about 1000 years, but some can become 1500 years.
Shadow Walker
Aya follows The Companions out of love for Dina

Special Skills
Very friendly, Sexual Healer

Aya met Dina at the young age of 79 years. She was younger than Dina, but love hit her like lightning. They made love for days, and they knew this was for the rest of their lives.

At one time Aya got very sick after she drank some water from the Verdant Labyrinth and it looked dire. Because of this Dina was so overwhelmed with sadness that her health was deteriorating as well, to the point where she almost died.
Dina still wanted to try and reach their neighbors in Goldleaf Haven to get help to heal Aya.

She returned with Fhaerris and Brea, whom she had encountered on the edge of the Darkwood Forest, on their way to Goldleaf Haven as well. It was Fhaerris who healed Aya and thanks to this Dina also recovered. As thanks both Aya and Dina took their saviors to bed with them for a few days and nights of relaxation.

In those few days Dina decided to join Fhaerris and Brea to form The Comanions. Aya didn’t wish to be separated from her love, so she came along as well, helping her love and The Companions whenever she can.

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